April 11, 2010

April: Youth Financial Literacy Month

April 2010 is Youth Financial Literacy Month. What are you going to do?

I encourage you to help the youth learn responsibilities of finances at an early age. Take the time to teach your child how to earn and budget their allowance. Show them the importance of saving and spending wisely. Learning savvy financial skills as a young child will prepare our youth for a fiscally responsible future.

Visit the public library for illustrative books that teach the value of money. Check your local credit union for products specifically for youth, such as a passbook savings or student checking. (Notice I didn't recommend a bank). Help your child manage the account. Remember, the goal is to make more deposits than withdrawals. It only makes cents!


  1. Good you mention this!We got some high school & college students stopping by to talk about the importance of finances in the coming weeks.I'm glad to learn at an early age about $$$.

    I'm happy that many people who are getting out of college are purchasing property now .I'm in the stages of that myself and I'm excited.I'm always enthusiastic about huge investments.Young people (speaking like I'm old lol) are making smart decisions about where to put their money when you also can make money (did that make sense??I think lol).Anyways I think it's wonderful!

  2. Hey Sumaya,

    I'm glad to hear about the high school and college students discussing the importance of finances. I used to give seminars at elementary and middle schools. Congrats and good luck with your property purchase!