April 18, 2010

Lives of Naughty Readers

Velvet does it again with another installment of The Black Door series. We meet four new women who come together for a book club. Each woman leads a different life, with different drama, and even different sexual preferences.

Naomi has the hots for her hubby. However since she gave birth to their son, their sex life is nonexistent. Her husband simply lost an attraction. Will he ever get it back? Kennedy meets Nigel in the sky, literally. She is a flight attendant and falls in love with a mysterious frequent flyer. But is Nigel who he really claims to be? Tyler just ended a relationship and needs a break from women. However an unsuspecting twist comes along and stirs up the love lives of these women. 

While the women of the book club were interesting, I was disappointed. Naughty rarely focused on The Black Door. It should have written as a stand-alone novel. If you are looking forward to reading about the other Black Door characters or the adventures that go on beyond the doors of the Black Door, this is NOT the book.

Rating:  ♥♥

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