April 4, 2010

Total Eclipse of Erotica

I haven’t read a Zane book in years. They were all starting to sound alike and I was tired of the overly saturated with sex scenes and corny language. But when I saw the title, it piqued my interest. The cover was even different than her others. I’m glad that I gave Zane another try.

Total Eclipse of the Heart is a fiction novel divided into three (3) sections. Part One – Solar Eclipse is the obscuration of the light of the sun by the interposition of the moon between it and a point on Earth. We meet Brooke Alexander, a waitress with low self-esteem and battling weight issues. She is deep in love with Patrick Sterling, a prominent attorney. So in love that it makes her blind to his womanizing ways. Patrick’s bad days far outweigh the good days.

We are also introduced to Damon Johnson, one of “the last good men.” He’s married to Carleigh, a woman who doesn’t realize how good she’s got it. Damon has dreams to leave his secure six-figure job in Corporate America and become an entrepreneur. Unfortunately, Carleigh thinks his idea is a joke and doesn’t support him like a wife should. Instead she mocks his “silly dreams.”

Part Two – Lunar Eclipse is the obscuration of the light of the moon by the interposition of Earth between it and the sun. A tragic accident causes Damon’s and Brooke’s lives to intersect. They crash into each other’s world and are forced to deal with it. The plot takes an unexpected turn as they deal with the aftermath of the Labor Day accident and reflections of their own relationships.

Part Three – Total Eclipse is when the surface of the eclipsed body is completely obscured. This is when the story gets really intense. The lives of Damon and Brooke intertwine even further as they continue to lead separate lives.

The characters in Total Eclipse of the Heart are different than those in a typical erotica novel. Zane writes with more depth and less raunchiness. I found myself trying to predict the ending and was hit with yet another shock on the very last page!

Maybe you were like me and stopped reading Zane. Or maybe you’re a hardcore fan of hers. Either way, this story is worth reading. There is a handy readers club guide located at the end of the book. The questions are sure to spark your curiosity and drum up conversation with friends. A few sample questions are: Do you think that people who want multiple lovers should simply stay single? How important is it that your lover makes adjustments for you?

If this summary and review is not enough to pique your interest and read this heartfelt love story, then I don’t know what else to say.

Rating:  ♥♥♥

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