April 18, 2010

Who Confesses?

James Patterson’s eighth installment of The Women’s Murder Club starts off with a bang. A school bus turns out to be a mobile meth lab and explodes. Before our favorite investigators Rich Conklin and Lindsay Boxer are on the scene, we are introduced to a new murder. Reporter Cindy Thomas discovers the death of “Bagman Jesus.” He appears to be a homeless saint brutally murdered. The police sweep under the rug due to yet another investigation of numerous killings of high-profile millionaires.  Cindy takes it upon herself to look further into solving the murder of “Bagman Jesus” and discovers he isn’t a saint after all. Yuki, the Assistant D.A., is involved in a huge trial and love interest with a doctor. Claire is overloaded with autopsies and stumped with producing the reports.

There are a lot of storylines going on. Although, none of them are really intriguing or the usual suspense-filled plots that us James Patterson fans are accustomed to. This book falls short and just didn’t hold my interest. I found myself reading it just to finish and move on. Perhaps it was because of the multiple storylines, the ridiculous twists, or the romance portion. Either way, I hope the WMC series is better the ninth time around.

Rating:  ♥♥

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