November 7, 2010

Blink & Pass

Lombardo's Steak House is famous for its menu, the clientele, and the gruesome murder of a mob lawyer. While reporter Nick Daniels is trying to interview a former baseball star, the mob lawyer's eyes are brutally carved out like a pumpkin's at the next table over. Now Nick Daniels has key evidence in his possession: a recording revealing who ordered the hit. This evidence lands Nick in the middle of a mafia war. 

**insert heavy sigh here** It certainly had the potential for a Sopranos-meets-Patterson project. But Nick's personal life and random side commentary to the readers were taking over the pages. When I pick up a mystery, that's what I want the focus to be. It fell short. I didn't even finish reading. Womp!

Literary Marie's Rating: ♥


  1. wow... What am I to think? As a great fan of James Patterson (even with his assisted writers), I don't want to let a Patterson go by..., stay tuned I may have a rebuttal

  2. The past few stand alone Patterson books have been a disappointment, but I still read them.