November 3, 2010

A Molly Ringwald Ending

Back then, Davidia “Davie” Jones just wanted to be invisible. Her abusive mother was the town whore. Her classmates called her “Monkey Night” because of her dark complexion and natural hair. And her crush on the most popular guy in high school, James Farrell, didn’t even recognize her presence. Davie just wanted a Molly Ringwald Ending like in her fave movie, Sixteen Candles.

Now, Davie is the highlight singer at a California nightclub, still rocking her natural fro and coming into her own beauty. Then James Farrell pops back into her life. Just when Davie thinks she’s finally gotten the Molly Ringwald Ending she’s dreamed about, the past rears its ugly head.

The book is divided into “Then” and “Now” sections. I appreciated the background information and history of the characters. It helps to clearly understand the reasons for their actions. Each of the sub-characters are fully developed, which is rare in a debut novel. The ugly duckling turned swan story will tug at your heartstrings. The constant references to Molly Ringwald and Sixteen Candles engages you, especially if you’re a fan.

Ernessa Carter’s debut surpassed my expectations. I’m pleasantly surprised. There were chapters that had me gripped with emotion and other chapters that had me tickled pink. If you grew up on Molly Ringwald, loved Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles, fantasized about your very own Jake Ryan, watched Color Purple, or just love good fiction…read it! Then see the movie when it releases.

For more information, check out the trailer. 32 Candles has earned a spot in my Fave Books of 2010.

Literary Marie's Rating: ♥♥♥

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