November 14, 2010

iHeart Giffin

One night can change a whole life. Nick gets an emergency phone call during his anniversary dinner with wife, Tessa. A little boy named Charlie has been rushed to the hospital with burn injuries. As the best pediatric plastic surgeon, Dr. Nick Russo must abandon dinner when duty calls.

Val is a distraught single mom. She struggled with allowing her son Charlie to go to a sleepover. Then an accident happens and changes her whole world.

The two families lives collide. Nick struggles with his feelings. Tessa is confused about the quality of her marriage. Val desperately wants love and a father figure for her son.

Author Emily Giffin tells both sides of the story. You’ll care about the characters after reading and understanding their point of view. Like her previous books, Something Borrowed and Something Blue (which are my all time favorites), I found myself rooting for the mistress. We also get to see the return of a couple of the old characters. The situation that Nick, Val, and Tessa find themselves in can really happen. I heart Giffin for her books that are true to life and about the real matters of the heart when it comes to love.

Rating: ♥♥♥

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