April 26, 2011

News You Can Use

Hi bookhearts!

Here's a few tidbits of news you can use. First, Amazon just launched a new series today that features author interviews, essays and reviews. Readers may submit questions for future interviews and suggest authors to be interviewed. Visit The Backstory for more info.

I love living la vida NOOKColor. An update (1.2.0) was announced and rolled out yesterday for the NOOKColor. There are new apps including an e-mail client, Flash support, and an app store. Every registered device will automatically receive the update. If you're anxious, you can download it yourself directly from B&N's site. My poor man's iPad is really paying off!

**drumroll** Stay tuned for a BIG event here this Saturday evening. Save the date. More deets coming soon.


  1. I really really REALLY want a Nook Color but just don't want to shell out hte big bucks (250 is big to me:)). I also dream of the IPAD...ah one day....thanks for sharing. i will live vicariously thru all of you...but I do have a pandigital which I love so it's not like I'm without:)

  2. There really isn't a need for both the iPad and the NOOKcolor. With that said, continue living through us until you join our team, Cathy.