April 13, 2011

Preferences & Pricing

It scares me that the next two generations may never experience holding a paperback or hardcover book. Thanks to technology, eBooks are selling more than paper books. I even find myself purchasing more NOOKbooks than physical hard copies. Before you gasp, let me explain why. Hardcovers typically range from $24.95-$29.95. Paperbacks range from $7.99-$15.00. Discounts are available through Amazon and coupons. However, it's cost-friendly to purchase an eBook for an average price of $9.99. More books for my bucks!

I was never the type to frequent the library. Honestly, library books make me itch. You don't know where the previous patron's hands have been, let alone where the book has been. There is nothing like opening a fresh crisp book and owning it. Along the same lines, it is very convenient to own an eBook with just one click. Gas is too high to be driving to the local library or bookstore.

Share your book preferences and opinions on pricing. Do you prefer to check books out of the library or own a collection? Do you prefer eBooks or physical books? What is the most you'll pay for a book?


  1. I like books that I can touch. I like turning the pages and snuggling up with the book. I also like that I can make notes in the book as well and that I can refer back to it at any time without having to worry about logging in or perhaps even being somewhere that I can't get to a computer.


  2. I totally understand about the act of turning pages in a book you can touch. eBooks ruin the phrase "page-turner." It's impossible.

    However, I was never one to write in my books. I actually prefer the notes and highlight feature on my NOOKColor because it isn't messy. LOL I like my books to still look new no matter how many times I've read them.

    Thanks for visiting.

    Smooches, Larie.

  3. Ummmmmm! You know I love my hardback books. When it comes to price I'll spend whatever as long as I want it.

    As far as library books I check them out on a regular. I'm a germ freak so when I go to the library I get my books. I take a reusable bag and drop them in. When I get in the car I sanitize my hands. When I get home I get some Lysol all in one wipes or clorox wipes and wipe the front & back book cover and flaps. Once I do that it's whatever for me. If I read a book from the library that's good enough for my library then I buy or Bookmooch. I do my Bookmooch books like that too. And Goodwill & thrift store & rummage sale books. I'm a book whore. Just give me the books baby! LOL!

    As far as the ebooks. I have purchased one for like $2.99 and it was a Bernice McFadden book. I don't intend to purchase many. I installed the Kindle app on my pc and I only get the free books. I'm not trying to lead to the demise of my printed books. Nope....I ain't!
    Great topic!

  4. Thanks Spinks.

    I know you're pro-hardcover. I'll have to try your technique with the library books. Maybe I'll feel more comfortable lending. A small part of me feels responsible for the closing of Borders and the drastic decrease in printed book sales. Not a big enough part to stop buying NOOKbooks though.

    Book Whores Unite!!!