April 6, 2011

Other News You Can Use

Barnes and Noble has confirmed a major update to the NOOKColor this month. I can't wait! Rumors are swirling that it will be updated to Android 2.2. What does that mean? It means NOOKColor owners will legitimately have full access to the Android market. Angry Birds, here I come! **fist pump**

Barnes and Noble announced yesterday that a New York Times subscription on the NOOK also gives access to the website for free.

American Airlines recently launched an Android app. As part of the promotion for the app, American Airlines is giving away one NOOKColor per day until April 28, 2011. Good luck to those who enter the contest.

Don't own a NOOK yet? Well, refurbished NOOK Wifi's are on sale for just $79 on eBay. It comes with a one year warranty and is well worth the price. If you already own a NOOK, provide your e-mail address in the comments section and I'll add you as a friend on my device. We can share our libraries!

All Romance eBooks is giving away 21 eBooks for 21 days. The promotion ends on Earth Day, April 22nd. Each free eBook is the first in a series. If you take advantage of this offer, don't forget to post your review link or a brief summary on my Series Sunday meme.

Former star of MTV's "The Hills", Lauren Conrad, scored a three-book deal with HarperCollins. The Fame Game trilogy will feature mean girl Madison Parker, a character from her debut teen novel, L.A. Candy.

Do you have any literary news we can use?


  1. *pelvic thrusting to the book gods in excitement!* I hope to get a NOOK in the next few weeks so I look forward to sharing libraries with you. You've already have my summer reading list a mile long :)

  2. wild, thanks for the news
    my new urL is


  3. Yay Christin! **twirls and gathers confetti for your NOOK purchase**

    You're welcome for the news, Sidne. I'll add your new URL to my blog roll.