July 6, 2011

Chocolate & Vicodin Wasted

Chocolate & Vicodin: My Quest for Relief from the Headache that Wouldn't Go AwayI love memoirs. Absolutely love them! So when I saw Chocolate & Vicodin: My Quest for Relief from the Headache that Wouldn't Go Away on the bare shelf of a closing Borders, I immediately grabbed it. It was so meant for me to own. Every time I have a migraine, I have a sinking feeling. What if it won't go away? Well, this book is about a 27-year-old with a chronic headache. 

Jen Fulda went to bed on February 17, 2008, with a headache. Three years later, it still hasn't gone away. The pain causing her to suffer every day. She sought help from numerous professionals: acupuncturists, chiropractors, neurologists, psychologists, therapy masseuses, etc. They diagnosed her with things that had nothing to do with the headache (heart murmur, scoliosis, and depression). If you had a chronic headache, you'd be depressed too! They gave her drugs, but nothing eased the pain. Oh, how I remember those years of trial-and-error. Taking experimental drugs, staying away from the trigger chocolate, and hoping something worked. I relived those years while reading her journey. Jen Fulda reluctantly blogged about her chronic headache, only to receive unsolicited advice and remedies from followers. Finally she found that laughter and food provided some type of relief. 

Her honest, entertaining, and informative writing is refreshing. (And the cover is cute too!) There are times I empathized and times I laughed out loud. It is a must read for anyone who suffers from chronic pain, especially headaches. It is also recommended for loved ones that don't understand what another is going through when diagnosed with an illness or experience chronic pain. There is a great resources section included, which you can also view hereChocolate & Vicodin is now in my top books because I can relate the most. Good job relaying what headache sufferers go through on a daily basis, Jen.

Check out the videos below of 12 Things That Didn't Cure My Headache and of an author interview.

Title: Chocolate & Vicodin: My Quest for Relief from the Headache that Wouldn't Go Away
Author: Jennette Fulda
Published: February 2011
Pages: 304
Edition: Paperback
Rating: ♥

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