July 27, 2011

Down on Luck

Money Can't Buy LoveMoney Can't Buy Love starts off very interesting. Thirty-eight year old Lenora Stone was recently dumped by her fiance, deserted by her best friends, had her cashmere silver BMW repossessed, and foreclosed on her million dollar dream house. Clearly she is down on her luck and depressed. We see her on the verge of giving up with the first line. Whoa! What happened to this misfortunate main character? Well, she won $5 million in the Maryland lottery almost one year ago. She's been down on luck ever since. And so begins her recollection of the past year.

This book is the true cliche of money can't buy love or happiness. Connie Briscoe has a way of telling a predictable story, but keeping me interested and flipping the e-pages. I kept reading to see what Lenora would do next, if the money would change her, or if Gerald was really ready to commit. The characters are well-developed; although I wish the ending would have been more detailed. I wouldn't have minded another 25 pages or so.

If you're a Connie Briscoe fan, try Money Can't Buy Love. You may be annoyed with Lenora, but will enjoy the story.

Title: Money Can't Buy Love
Author: Connie Briscoe
Published: June 2011
Pages: 224
Edition: eBook
Rating: ♥♥♥

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