July 13, 2011

You Get a Baby! And You Get a Baby!

Then Came You: A Novel**in my best Oprah voice** You get a baby! And you get a baby! 

Okay, so the title of this post may be too lighthearted for the story line of this book, but you get the drift. Then Came You is about four women who are entwined through surrogacy, egg donorship, and motherhood. Jules Wildgren is a Princeton senior. With the income from donating her eggs, she plans to save her father from drug and alcohol addiction by placing him in rehab. Annie Barrow is married to her high school sweetheart and has two boys. They are struggling with her husband's salary. As her financial contribution to the household, she agrees to be a surrogate. India Bishop changed her identity and started a new life. She's now 38 years old (really 43 years old), married to a rich man, and trying to have a baby. After three failed attempts at pregnancy because of a blighted ovum, she turns to modern day technology for a solution. Bettina is her suspicious stepdaughter. She's convinced her father's new wife, India, is a fraud. The Princeton Fertility Clinic, Inc. connects the ladies and so the story unfolds.

I really enjoyed Then Came You, even more than Weiner's last couple novels. Maybe because I could relate to the subject matter. I loved how the characters were connected. It really is only a few degrees of separation. Each woman's personality unfolded in a paced manner due to the format. The chapters alternate by a different woman narrating. I usually don't like books with so many narrators, but it was very easy to follow. This great read for the summer just released yesterday, so download or purchase your hard copy now.

Title: Then Came You: A Novel
Author: Jennifer Weiner
Published: July 2011
Pages: 354 pages
Edition: Galley
Rating: ♥♥♥♥

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