April 17, 2012


The definition of "reread" is to read anew; read again.

At first, the thought of rereading seems like a waste of time and unnecessary. Why reread a book if you already know the plot and ending? Well let me explain why I reread. There are certain classics and favorite books that I reread multiple times. I like to revisit the characters. Perhaps pick up on a small detail I missed while reading the first go-round. It also recreates the scenes and story. My main reason for rereading is to observe changes in my own life. What I interpreted at 16 years old is different from my interpretation as a thirty-year-old. It shows how different I am and how I've grown since first encountering a book.

Can rereading backfire? Unfortunately, it can. It happens on rare occasions that what I thought was a well written book a few years ago is now a mediocre piece. For that reason, I am picky on which books to reread. Sometimes it is best to leave a story where it is.

In an article titled What We Learn in Rereading, Chuck Leddy states, "A writer who doesn't like reading and rereading is like an Olympic swimmer who's afraid of jumping in the pool, an almost unseen phenomenon." Well said.

Do you reread? 


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