April 3, 2012

The Tanning of America

Steve Stoute, founder and CEO Translation Consulting & Brand Imaging, is one of the most credible sources to discuss tanning. He has a diverse background in the music industry, successful at brand marketing, and is in tune to the new generation of consumers. Steve Stoute was also inducted into the Advertising Hall of Achievement. His clients include McDonald's, State Farm, Target, Jay-Z and Reebok, Lady Gaga and MAC Cosmetics. He is also the managing director and CEO of popular hair and body care line Carol's Daughter. Enough receipts? Yes. 

Tanning of America is an informative must-read for entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, and established companies who want to understand how to appeal to today's consumers. It's also an interesting read for hip-hop lovers and marketing gurus. I learned a lot of tips that will help improve my own brand, as well as enjoy an interview with Eminem, stories of Jay-Z and Run D.M.C., and the history of hip-hop. This book is a cost-effective lesson!

Visit www.tanningofamerica.com for more info. But first, watch the video below of Steve Stoute as he explains what tanning is, and why the hip-hop culture matters to marketers.

Author: Steve Stoute
Published: September 2011
Pages: 290
Edition: Hardcover
Rating: ♥♥♥♥


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