May 22, 2012

Guilty Wives

Four best friends are on vacation in the beautiful Monte Carlo. The rules for the ladies getaway are simple. No husbands allowed. Drink champagne at the pool. Gamble high-stakes at the casino. Flirt with handsome men. Live life as if you're someone else for four entire days without a care in the world. To be arrested and accused of murder was not in the itinerary.

Abbie, Winnie, Bryah and Serena woke up on a yacht surrounded by police. A huge crime was committed, possibly even an act of terrorism. The four best friends are accused and begin to question their own memories, friendship, loyalty and the truth. Guilty Wives is primarily told from Abbie's perspective. Through her words, the reader feels every emotion and physical blow. Abbie's narration takes you on a journey through Monte Carlo, the French prison, the U.S. Embassy and more.

I haven't really enjoyed the last few Patterson books. The story lines were blah, inconsistent or not enough suspense. But this book co-authored with David Ellis was a refresher. It took me back to the good times of Patterson and why I enjoyed his mysteries so much. The building-up of suspense and holding-my-breath moments made it worth reading, even though the murderer was easy to figure out. I didn't mind the predictable ending because the chapters leading up to the climax held my interest. 

Guilty Wives is not one of Patterson's best books, but it certainly is not among his worst. If co-author Ellis is mainly responsible for this good book, then I hope they collaborate again soon. Two bookmarks up!

Title: Guilty Wives
Author: James Patterson and David Ellis
Published: March 2012
Pages: 424
Edition: Hardcover
Rating: ♥♥♥♥


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