October 10, 2012

How Do You Read?

Meet Cocoa Comfy, my reading chair. I usually prop all the pillows, stretch my legs on the footrest, and open the window for natural light and a breeze. I can get lost in a good fiction story for hours in Cocoa Comfy.

Now that the temperature is dropping and autumn is here, I like to read curled up in my snuggie. With the oversized sleeves on a snuggie, it sometimes becomes difficult to hold a book. May I introduce the...drumroll please...bookrest! This perfect reading companion was a birthday gift from my brother. It is a chic convenient way to read. (And it matches my leopard snuggie!) The bookrest is light and fits comfortably on my lap or a flat surface. The pyramid-shaped bookrest has four (4) sides. Why do you need four sides, you ask? Hmmm...I don't know what the makers intended but I use the sides for a book, my NOOK and a magazine. The fourth side, unfortunately, is not deep enough to fit a snack. The grooves are also not deep enough to hold thick hardcover books, but it fits magazines and standard-sized eReaders perfectly. Another nice feature of the bookrest is a tassel bookmark. Never worry about misplacing your bookmark again! Below is a picture of this fab reading accessory.


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