October 28, 2012

Series Sunday Guest Post: Carol Cassada

Author of the Westmore series

Welcome to Literary Marie's Precision Reviews. Today we have a special guest post from Carol Cassada, author of the Westmore series.

Guest Post:
First off, I’d like to thank L. Marie for this wonderful opportunity and allowing me to share my books with everyone. Today I’ll be talking about my book series Westmore, which is what I call a literary version of a soap opera; the series revolves around three families as they experience love, heartache, and drama in their everyday lives.
I’ve written three volumes so far and I’ll talk about each volume to give readers a brief glimpse into the series. 

Westmore vol 1:
The first volume is simply titled Westmore and basically it was an introduction to the series and the characters.
The Green family consists of widowed matriarch Charlotte, who vowed never to date again after the death of her husband Michael, yet a dangerous situation lands her in the arms of detective Jim Bryant. Charlotte’s oldest son Jack is a bartender, who longs to do more with his life. Her other son Scott and her daughter Alicia are members of a rock band, looking to make it to the big-top. Youngest son Peter returns home from college with his new girlfriend Zoey, who is ten years older than him, and causes concern for Charlotte.
The Reynolds family consists of widower Stan, whose life is thrown for a loop when his son Jacob starts dating rocker Alicia Green, whom Stan dislikes. This causes friction between the father and son. As if Stan’s life couldn’t get more complicated his divorced daughter Laura and his granddaughter Megan move back home. Just as Laura’s life is returning to normal, her ex-husband shows up unexpectedly.
The Braxton clan includes Jeff, who is the youngest brother and all his life he’s felt like he was second best. Jeff and his wife Marie are experiencing marital problems now that their only child has left home. Andrew is the oldest brother and CEO of the family’s publishing company. He has a controlling attitude just like his father. Andrew’s attitude has caused his daughters to leave home and his wife Elizabeth is fed up with his behavior and contemplating divorce. Meanwhile, their son Wayne is reaching his breaking point in his tense relationship with his father.

Westmore: The Aftermath
In the second volume of the series, there’s a car accident involving Scott, Alicia, and Wayne. Scott manages to escape without any injuries; however Alicia is badly injured and is in a life or death struggle. Wayne, who panicked and fled the scene of the accident, can’t live with the guilt and despite his mother’s protests confesses to his crime. Wayne is afraid of going to prison and must rely on his father for help and soon changes in their relationship begin to take place. Meanwhile, the accident cause problems in Jeff and Marie’s relationship, due to Marie’s friendship with The Greens, however a medical crisis could bring the couple together. Scott is forced to make a decision about the band’s future and whether to carry on without Alicia. And Laura is reeling from the appearance of her ex-husband and is fearful he’ll expose her secret.

Westmore: Broken Ties
In the third volume, relationships between couples and families are tested. Laura has to deal with unresolved feelings for her ex-husband Elliot. Peter and Zoey are having problems, and soon Zoey is finding comfort with one of Peter’s brothers. Jeff and Andrew are in for a shock when their sister Caroline comes back into their lives. The brothers have been estranged from their sister ever since the death of their mother Alexis. Caroline accused their father of murdering their mother, and her claims led to a falling out with the siblings. Her reappearance stirs up old wounds for the family and the siblings find themselves at odds. However, the family could be driven further apart when it is revealed that a certain family member knows the real truth about Alexis’ death.
Currently, I’m working on volume 4 of Westmore, which I plan to release in early 2013, or possibly sooner depending on how everything goes. Readers can expect a lot more drama between the families, new couples, and new characters.
Westmore series is available on Amazon.com ($15.50 and $10.99 for paperback; $2.99 for Kindle edition) and at Barnes & Noble ($13.95 for paperback; $2.99 for NOOKbook). 

Visit www.carolcassada.net and follow @dramacjc on Twitter.


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