April 2, 2013

US vs. UK

Everyone knows I am completely obsessed with the UK. "US vs. UK" was created by Jenny from Wondrous Reads and it compares covers from books released in the two countries.


Today's first comparison is Mom & Me & Mom by Maya Angelou. The US cover is plain with an ivory background and bold purple, green and red letters. The title really stands out. The UK cover is neutral-colored and shows framed photos. There really is no question here which cover I like better. UK, we have a winner!

Total: US 21, UK 19

Today's second comparison is Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella. The covers are very similar with a couple holding hands and walking. The font on the US cover is in Sophie Kinsella's signature font that makes the new release easy to recognize. However, the UK cover fits the title better. It is nighttime blue with stars in the sky. Very whimsical. I choose the UK cover.
Total: US 21, UK 20

Which covers do you favour?


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