July 17, 2013

On the Run from Reading

Have you ever been in a reading funk? I took a scheduled break from book blogging and reading to finish copyediting projects. Usually I am scratching like a fiend after one week of not reading fiction. But this time? I just cannot muster enough attention to sit and read a book. Perhaps I am picking up duds. Perhaps I am burnt out on reading. Perhaps I'm trying to end my break prematurely and my mind's telling me, "No, girl. Chill. Those books will be there. They aren't going anywhere." But my reading pile and review requests are steady climbing higher while I'm on the run away from book pages. So please bare with me, bookhearts. I'll be back to my regular scheduled blogging soon.

Thanks for your support and understanding.



  1. I've been feeling this way since January. my slump seems to be neverending and I'm quite o
    ver it, tbh. I get on rolls and read a couple books in a week, but those weeks are few and far between . :( Hope your slump ends soon !

    1. I am slowly getting over my reading funk. I hope yours ends very soon, J Nic!