June 15, 2016

Glory Over Everything

"Where, then, did I belong? Was my birth an accident of fate, or was my life intended to have some purpose?" ~ pg. 344

True to its title, Glory Over Everything goes beyond The Kitchen House. It is a novel of family, secrets and promises along the Underground Railroad. It begins in 1830 with main character Jamie Pyke, a black man who once fled from a Virginia plantation now passing for a wealthy white silversmith in Philadelphia.

Having kept this secret for years, he must reveal his true identity when his lover Caroline announces she is pregnant. But first, Jamie must keep a promise and find his beloved servant boy, Pan, who was captured and sold into slavery. The journey will take Jamie dangerously close to Tall Oakes, the plantation he fled from and location of the slave hunter who is still looking for him. Nevertheless, Jamie takes a risky journey back south through the Underground Railroad.

Kathleen Grissom can tell a story with the best of 'em. I could imagine the characters and scenes as I read along. Her descriptive settings and engaging dialogue kept me turning the pages; I was sad when I reached the end. For 370 pages, I was a nosy neighbor peeking through the blinds at the fictional life of Jamie Pyke.

My only gripe is I wish Glory Over Everything was released a lot sooner after The Kitchen House. I had to remind myself of the characters and their back story. For this reason, bookhearts can read Glory Over Everything as a standalone. I am absolutely sure you will enjoy it.

Title: Glory Over Everything: Beyond The Kitchen House
Author: Kathleen Grissom
Published: April 2016
Pages: 370
Edition: Hardcover
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♡


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