November 22, 2016

Beach Thing

"Carpe dickem." ~ 29%

Ameenah is owner and proprietor of Tikis & Cream, a beachfront smoothie shop located in Black Diamond Isles. On her first official day, she literally runs into Wade, a famous music producer. While he is visiting town for the summer, Wade gets hooked on an orange-flavored Tikis & Cream specialty drink, the homemade orange cranberry muffins and the young lady who makes them. The attraction is mutual so like the mature adults they are, Wade and Ameenah agree to have some fun; just a little beach thing.

"When the summer is up, so are we." ~ 23%

Starting a new business demands all of Ameenah's focus. Meanwhile, Wade is using the time away from busy Brooklyn to concentrate on doing what he does best: make beats. Neither need the distraction but cannot resist the sexual fling. I like how both characters make an agreement to spend their summer together without strings attached. Of course, we know feelings happen but the author writes about Ameenah and Wade's relationship so naturally that I don't even want their summer fling to end. I enjoyed reading of their dates, witty banter and sensual kisses. But a climax kicks into the story because Wade plans to move back to Brooklyn and Ameenah will stay in Black Diamond Isles running her gourmet smoothie shop. So does that mean the beach thing is over?

Despite the title, this book is more than a beach read. In fact, I read it one Sunday morning while cozy in a snuggie on my futon. It is a light-hearted romance with characters of color. Thanks to the author for creating a character like most of us women with "glorious hips" and black men that know their way around the kitchen. I loved the realistic dialogue and descriptive scenery. If only I could be a resident of Black Diamond Bay (and catch the attention of a clichéd tall, dark and handsome baé)!

Beach Thing is recommended for my bookhearts looking for a quick good read. Do yourself a favor; put down the television remote and pick up this book sometime soon!

Title: Beach Thing
Author: D.L. White
Published: September 2016
Pages: 147
Edition: eBook
Rating: ♥♥♥♡


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