November 2, 2016


"Their antidote to mourning, hunger, heartache, dispossession, reposession, a white: it was the same. Treat it like it isn't there." ~ pg. 47

Solemn Redvine is a girl who lives in a Mississippi trailer park. She senses that a nearby baby may be her half sibling—evidence of an affair between her father and a married woman who lives in their trailer park. Solemn witnesses one tragic incident and it forever changes her life.

I really wanted to like Solemn. I was so impressed with and enjoyed the author's previous book, Upstate. But I could not even finish this book. The writing was scattered. The plot was sketchy at best. It was hard to follow let alone get into. Pass on Solemn, bookhearts.

Title: Solemn
Author: Kalisha Buckhanon
Published: May 2016
Pages: 296
Edition: Hardcover
Rating: ♡

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