July 12, 2017

Summer Breeze Reads

Today I am sharing some of my summer breeze reads. I gave up on my mission to save light reading for the summertime. It never works out. So instead I am pacing myself with reading both fun mindless books and serious page-turners.  
  • The Fifth of July ~ The title alone screams summer read! Island setting. An accident. Multiple points of view. Frightening questions. No easy answers. Color me hooked at the second chapter. No doubt this is my page-turner of the summer.
  • American Gods ~ Yes, I am still reading this thick ass book. I acknowledge it will take me months to finish at my current reading pace of a few pages here and there.
  • Behold the Dreamers ~ The 2008 financial crisis affects my coins to. this. day. I'm curious to see how, or if, an immigrant couple achieves the great American dream and if their employers recover from the worldwide financial collapse. This novel is the current selection for Oprah's Book Club so I am participating in the online group discussions as I read along.
  • Detective Cross ~ At less than 140 pages, this BOOKShot is the perfect-sized book to carry around. I can whip it out anytime I have a few minutes to spare. Plus the story features one of my favorite fictional characters of color.
  • The Perfect Find ~ I struggled to choose just one chick lit book to read this summer. Something with a little romance and LOL scenes. So many on my TBR but this one seemed like, well...the perfect find.

What are your summer breeze reads?


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