February 20, 2019

Lit Tidbits: Black History Month Repeats

What did I ever do before bookish apps like Goodreads and Shelfari? How did I keep up with what books I've already read? If you are anything like me, your memory is simply not good enough. So sometimes within first couple chapters, it dawns on me...I read this book before! Hence, below are books that I happily added to my TBR for Black History Month, then quickly realized it was a repeat read! Allow me to still spotlight them.

Title: If They Come in the Morning
Edited By: Angela Y. Davis
Published: March 1971
Tidbit: The most political of all political prisoners introduces readers to voices of resistance. Angela Davis and many more come through for justice.

Author: Tia Williams
Published: April 2016 
Tidbit: A 40-year-old woman. High-stakes career. Ticking biological clock. Low bank balance. A funny saga of star-crossed love.

Author: Uzma Jalaluddin
Published: June 2018
Tidbit: Yet another Pride & Prejudice retelling with a modern Muslim twist. In that regard, I read this book before!

Author: Tayari Jones
Published: January 2002
Tidbit: The true-crime Atlanta child murders of 1979 is told from the fictional point of view of three (3) young black children.

Author: Melissa Foster
Published: April 2013
Tidbit: A hate crime committed in the deep South forces an 18-year-old to choose what she knows in her heart to be true versus what others, in a racially-charged world, would like her to believe.


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