February 27, 2019

The Edge of Dawn

"Many of the symbols are African-based. Some were from secret societies. Different colors meant different things and some quilts even carried symbols designed to protect the quilt itself." ~ pg. 65

I can always count on Ms. Bev to weave history into fiction. The Edge of Dawn features the meaning and intricacy of a slave quilt. It is as much of a character as the romantic couple.

Narice Jordan is a 37-year-old divorced woman, founder and principal of Michigan-based Jordan Academy. So why was she snatched off the street soon after her father's funeral? Federal agents make accusations about a stolen North African diamond, which she knows nothing about. Before they can question her further, Narice is again kidnapped by a mysterious man. Now who might that be?

I was first introduced to the character, Saint, in The Edge of Midnight, where he played a minor part. But in this here book (said with a southern drawl), Mr. Anthony St. Martin (Saint) is the star. He doesn't wear suits. He doesn't shave. He wears shades indoors and never goes anywhere without his Inspector Gadget coat. He comes to Narice's rescue and helps to find the beautiful blue diamond that everyone is after. Guided by directions on a handmade slave quilt, they set out on a dangerous adventure. Narice has no choice but to stay protected by Saint's side and discover the real reason her father was murdered in a house fire.

"Besides, Parliamentfunkadelic says you can't be cool without your shades." ~ pg. 21

The Edge of Dawn needs no glorified recommendation. Do you like romance? Do you support authors writing about characters of color? Do you like contemporary stories with a hint of suspense? Do you like getting lost into the fictional lives of others? Okay then!

Good pick for Black History Month!

Title: The Edge of Dawn
Author: Beverly Jenkins
Published: January 2004
Pages: 229
Edition: eBook
Rating: 🖤 🖤 🖤


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