December 10, 2020

It Was Good Until It Wasn't

So I'm that person that plays music at an ignorant level. Like the decibel below 180dB but still humanly possible to hear. I listen to at least five (5) songs a day in addition to the song that iHome randomly plays for my morning alarm. Most days I pick and listen to a whole album.

The pandemic has cramped my tune listening style though. I prefer to listen to music in the car. Just me, the road and a beat. However, my daily commute stopped back in March. Thanks to SiriusXM Radio and Tidal streaming service, I can listen to music with premium quality from the comfort of my home. (Would be even better if I had a dope bluetooth speaker! 😉)

Thank God for music as an escape and companion during this pandemic. I pray you find an album, song(s), game(s) or book(s) to help you through too. Stay safe, My Literary Hearts❣


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