January 12, 2021

Life of a Migraineur: It's the Cocktail for Me

In the Year of Our Lord 2021, there is still not a cure for migraines. However, it is often treated with meds that either ease symptoms or help prevent migraine attacks. In my case, it is a combination of medications called a "migraine cocktail." 

I have taken prescribed medication regularly for almost 30 years. Drugs on the market come and go. Some work, some don't, and sometimes it is a guessing game of "try this!" Luckily my current migraine cocktail is the best thing since hot-out-the-oven bread drizzled with cinnamon honey butter. Of course there are side effects but none are worse than the pain. Here are my ingredients:
  • Aimovig ~ an injection taken once a month to help prevent migraines
  • Amitriptyline ~ an antidepressant taken daily to help prevent migraines
  • Propranolol ~ a beta-blocker taken daily to help prevent migraines & treat high BP
  • Ubrelvy ~ an oral CGRP-blocker taken at onset of migraine to relieve pain and inflammation
  • Goody's ~ an extra strength powder of acetaminophen, aspirin & caffeine for fast pain relief 
  • Large McDonald's Fries & Large Coke ~ salt and caffeine for the migraine hangover 
Keep in mind just because the cocktail above works for me, it may not be an effective treatment for you. Please consult a medical professional to mix your very own migraine cocktail. ♠️💜

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