August 17, 2011

5 Reasons to Leave a Lover

5 Reasons to Leave a Lover - A Novella and Other Short StoriesParis is supposed to be the land of romance, not heartbreak. Maybe that is why Ellery Roulet shut her eyes to the truth. She didn't pay attention to the signs of her husband's infidelity. She also blamed herself. Was she not attentive enough? Did she let herself go physically? Was the mistress younger, prettier? All of these questions went through Ellery's head, and I'm sure other women's minds in real life.

Husband Julien Roulet is forced to make a decision. He still loves his wife, Ellery, but doubts being in love. She spends too much time away from home and their twin daughters. Seeking companionship outside of the marriage, he meets Katrine. A woman who needs him and makes him feel wanted. Despite his friends advice to keep both women around, he realizes a decision must be made. And someone will be hurt.

From Katrine's point of view, she was sick of sharing a man. She needed a husband of her own. Finally, she gives Julien an ultimatum. 

The bittersweet novella and collection of short stories are thought provoking. If the individual situations haven't happened to you personally, they sure have happened to a close friend of yours. In other words, anyone can relate to love and loss. 

Author Carolyn Davenport-Moncel did a good job on this novella. My only gripe is majority of the dialogue is in French. There are no translations for some of the lines; therefore, I was left to assume what was said between characters. I was also kind of left hanging on the ending. Other than that, I'm looking forward to her next collection of short stories due in fall 2012 and going back to read Encounters in Paris where Ellery and Julien Roulet first appeared. Be sure to check out the trailer below. For more information about the author and her other works, visit  

I recommend 5 Reasons to Leave a Lover for any woman currently dating, in a relationship, who doubts herself, considering leaving a lover, or those entering into a new union. It is also a good read for book clubs to discuss topics such as healthy relationships, infidelity, self respect, interracial relationships, and the presence of a "love child." Even though it is summer, I recommend reading this book over a cup of java/tea, slowly to digest the lessons being taught. For me, it reinforced that our intuition never lies. It is our guide to life and love. So listen to it! Each of the five stories have a lesson and meaning that we can all learn from. Download a copy of this book, recommend it to your girlfriends, and learn when a breakup is necessary, voluntary, or just meant to be.

Title: 5 Reasons to Leave a Lover - A Novella and Other Short Stories
Author: Carolyn Moncel
Published: May 2011
Edition: eBook
Rating: ♥

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