August 4, 2011

Gave Up on The Kid

The KidIt's not very often that I give up on a book. I have my own personal limit of 50 pages. If the contents haven't grabbed my attention by the 50th page, I stop reading. There's just too much good literature I can spend my time on instead of continuing to read a not-so-interesting book.

I also have book moods. The genre I choose to read depends on the season and my mood. Sometimes I'm in the mood for mystery/suspense. Sometimes AA fiction. Sometimes a memoir and every once in a blue moon an informational or non-fiction book. Summers and traveling usually warrant light reading or chick lit.

So what was I thinking when I chose to pick up The Kid by Sapphire in the middle of summer? This is NOT a beach read. I cannot frolic by the pool, tan my brown skin in the sun, or chill in central air conditioning (that I just discovered is cause of my allergies) reading The Kid. It's too heavy and unsettling. Just past my 50-page mark, there was a graphic rape scene. Cannot. Handle. I put the book down, regrouped, picked it up again and kept pushing. I finally quit at page 101.

Sapphire is a great writer. I do not doubt her storytelling or disagree with her message. However, I can't get on the same line as Abdul's thoughts. Abdul is the nine-year-old Kid of the famous character from Push, Precious. Abdul is left alone in the world after his mother's passing. I don't expect his journey to be easy. But I'm not ready for his horrific, hard life. Not in the summertime. Maybe I'll pick it back up later this year.

Title: The Kid
Author: Sapphire
Published: July 2011
Pages: 374
Edition: Hardcover
Rating: n/a

How do you handle not-so-interesting books? Do you quit often? Have you tried reading The Kid? Share your thoughts.

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