August 31, 2011

Sister, Sister

Secret ObsessionCamille is perfect. Smart, had good grades, popular, has a loving husband and two beautiful children, and parents who adore her. But there is one person who can barely stand the sight of Camille -- her own sister, Paige. She grew up criticized by parents, looked down upon, and treated like the sister that should have never been. After so many years of built up envy, Paige decides to flip the script and take what is rightfully hers: Pierce Montgomery. Only problem is Pierce is already Camille!

Paige develops a sneaky, calculated plan to steal her brother-in-law. As all schemes do, it falls apart and unfolds before the reader's eyes.

I was first introduced to Roby with the Curtis Black series. Those books have me on the edge of my reading chair, flipping the pages so fast that the page numbers blur. With its predictable plot, Secret Obsession was not as enticing. It held my interest, but I could easily tell what Paige's next delusional step would be. It was just a matter of how and when she'd get caught ruining her sister's life. There were no twists or surprises, just plenty of nod heads and "I knew it!" exclamations.

Also unlike the Curtis Black series, Roby touched on the root of Paige's problem, which was revealed to be a delusional disorder. Mental illnesses are often ignored in the black communities. I appreciate the author including it in her book. It would have been nice if Roby went into more detail and explored this more. Despite this, Secret Obsession was an enjoyable read. A good stand-alone book to tide you over until the next Roby release. 

You may pre-order a copy today, or purchase when it releases on September 6, 2011.

Title: Secret Obsession
Author: Kimberla Lawson Roby 
Published: September 2011
Pages: 156
Edition: Galley
Rating: ♥♥♥

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