February 15, 2012

AA Section in Bookstores

The shelving of African American books in bookstores has been a debate in the literary world for years. What better time to discuss this topic at Precision Reviews than during Our History Month? 


I am sure you noticed the sections in physical bookstores. They are designed for the convenience of readers while locating titles. There are separate sections for mystery, chick lit, fiction, nonfiction, reference, travel, humor, and African American. Wait. What? 

I will use the beloved Borders as an example. They had a huge, yet separate, section for African American books. Barnes & Noble, however, is known for its small "urban" section. To put it bluntly, AA books are segregated in bookstores. These books are not shelved alongside other fiction works.

**On a semi-related note, one of my favorite news sources, Huffington Post, is adding an African American section in early March called "HuffPost GlobalBlack."

How do you feel about the African American section in bookstores? Do you think it hinders or helps sales for AA authors? Are you FOR or AGAINST this shelving? Share your thoughts. 

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