March 22, 2012

US vs. UK

Everyone knows I'm completely obsessed with the UK. "US vs. UK" was created by Jenny from Wondrous Reads and it compares covers from books released in the two countries.

Today's comparison is The Good Father by Diane Chamberlain. The US cover displays a little brown-haired girl looking out of the window. Perhaps she is waiting for her father to return home. It gives a sad vibe. The UK cover also shows a little brown-haired girl, but she is standing on the beach alone, barefoot and holding what appears to be a security blanket or beach towel. The words "A beloved daughter. A devastating choice. Is It Too Late To Go Back?" is also on the cover. Accurate statements. I prefer the UK cover because the beach was a common setting in The Good Father. It matches the story.

Total: US 12, UK 12

Which cover do you favour?


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