December 26, 2013

2013 Reading Challenges

I participated in four (4) reading challenges in 2013.

2013 Reading Challenge
2013 Goodreads Challenge: Read 65 books.
Challenge Met: I read 74 books this year. (114% of goal)

2013 eBook Challenge: Read 50 eBooks.
Challenge Met: I read 63 eBooks this year. (126% of goal)

2013 Let Me Count The Ways Challenge: Read 10,001+ pages.
Challenge Met: I read 18,170 pages this year. (182% of goal)

Perpetual Kinsey Millhone Challenge: Read books in Kinsey Millhone alphabet series.
Challenge Met: I read books G-J and Kinsey and Me this year. (100% of goal)



  1. WOW! You completely rocked your reading challenges this year. So jealous :) That is great. Looking forward to seeing the new challenges you will sign up for 2014. For some reason I was only going to signup for 4 but now I think I am up 10 (again). *Shamless plug* Did you see the one I am hosting?

    1. Thanks—I signed up for the right amount of challenges so that I wasn't overwhelmed. That is my plan for 2014 too. I'll definitely check out your challenge and sign up.