December 17, 2013

US vs. UK

The UK is my hometown glory but I live in the US. The US vs. UK bookish meme compares book covers published in the two countries.

Today's first comparison is The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty. The US cover is too plain. It shows a red balloon floating in the clouds. The UK cover shows a manicured hand holding a jar. In the jar is a flying pink butterfly. There is no question as to which cover I like better: UK wins!

Total: US 22, UK 21

Today's second comparison is The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith. The US cover shows a woman facing a crowd, possibly paparazzi. There are cameras flashing. The title is scrawled across the cover in white cursive font. The UK cover shows a man in a trench coat walking across a bridge. The title is in white block font. It has a London mysterious look that is far more eye-catching. I am ending this year on a tie with the US vs. UK meme.

Total: US 22, UK 22



  1. I dont care for either but I will give the thumbs up to the UK cover for the first set now the second selection (bottom) i'm going with us. UK cover I will never pick up on my own, someone would have to give me the story line for me to even look at. hey stop by, today, i got such a blessed treat, i'm so geeked.

    1. Love your new avi, Sidne. Thanks for stopping by. I'm on my way over to yours now.