September 23, 2014


"If I got to know people I might not feel so impartial when I'm enforcing the rules." ~ pg. 3

When Lincoln O'Neill applied to be an "internet security officer," he thought it would be protecting the company from hackers and building firewalls. Instead it is working until one a.m. reading other people's e-mail and reporting whenever someone forwards a dirty joke. Lincoln knows two employees in particular, Beth Fremont and Jennifer Scribner-Snyder, are violating company policy by sending endless e-mails back and forth discussing their personal lives but their messages are entertaining. Before long, Lincoln is falling for Beth. But how can he introduce himself? "Hi, I'm the IT guy that reads your e-mail and I think I love you."

"He was never going to send them a warning. Ergo. Therefore. Thus...He technically, ethically, had no reason to keep reading their e-mail." ~ pg. 38

Is it obvi that I am on a quest to read all books by Rainbow Rowell? One of her earlier released books Attachments seemed like a quick read so I started it on a rainy summer day. The format of Attachments was engaging in the beginning. We read Beth and Jennifer's messages in e-mail format like Lincoln does. At the same time, the book follows Lincoln's daily life at home and work. Normally I would have finished this book in one day. Not this one. I almost enforced my 50-page rule. It seems impossible to drag a story line in a book under 200 pages, but Attachments did.

This is my third Rainbow Rowell novel and I have decided her endings leave much to the imagination. Almost incomplete endings like a chapter is missing. I actually checked the physical copy of Attachments to make sure my eBook wasn't missing pages at the end. Alas, it was not. It is disappointing because this story line had potential to be great. Lame build-up, lame ending.

Title: Attachments
Author: Rainbow Rowell
Published: April 2011 
Pages: 187
Edition: eBook
Rating: ♥♥


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