September 24, 2014

Postcards from Cookie

"I, on the other hand, continue to dig into holes she's filled with cement, hauling out the proverbial jackhammer when necessary." ~ p. 129

I heart memoirs. Real people tell their life story and experiences without shame and with a sense of pride. It is the author's truth; the writer's "side of the story" based on his/her memory. The subject could be love, loss, survival or comedic. In the case of Postcards from Cookie, it is a memoir of motherhood, miracles and mail.

Journalist Caroline Clarke is not an unhappy adult adoptee. Her purpose for visiting adoption agency, Spence-Chapin Family Services, is to obtain her medical history. What she gets is a detailed report of her birth mother and family. As Caroline reads through the report, something clicks. Her biological family sounds familiar. Not because the Coles are a prominent family and known for musical greatness (aunt Natalie Cole and grandfather Nat King Cole), but because she personally knows them!

Investigating details from the adoption agency report and contacting a college friend starts Caroline's journey to connect with her birth mother, nicknamed Cookie. A life-changing relationship begins and grows with phone calls, e-mails and so many postcards that Caroline has to empty drawers to store them all.

Postcards from Cookie is an extraordinary true story of discovery and the appreciation for written communication. Not every adopted person wants to seek their birth parents. Simple curiosity wasn't Caroline's intention. However, I was filled with warm feelings as I read and saw their mother-daughter relationship develop through correspondence. It wasn't always roses and smiles. They had disagreements like any family, which made me root for them more. Caroline is a passionate advocate for adoption. I recommend this memoir.

Title: Postcards from Cookie: A Memoir of Motherhood, Miracles, and a Whole Lot of Mail
Author: Caroline Clarke
Published: April 2014
Pages: 307
Edition: Hardcover
Rating: ♥♥♥♥


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