May 12, 2016

The Ex

"Like every circumstantial case, every piece of evidence had two sides." ~ pg. 226

If I see a novel recommended in a few magazines and featured in my public library's new releases newsletter, I add it to my TBR without hesitation. Such is the case for Alafair Burke's The Ex. 

Twenty years ago, a woman broke up with her fiancé and ruined his life. Today Jack is still grieving his wife who was shot and killed by a 15-year-old boy three years ago. But he considers entering the dating scene when he spots a beautiful woman enjoying a champagne picnic alone in the park. It must be a sign because the woman is reading Jack's favorite book.

Eager to help her best friend start dating, Molly posts a blog on her popular website hoping to find the mysterious woman for Jack. Just a few days later, the woman and Jack make plans to meet officially in person at the waterfront. But it goes downhill from there. The mystery woman never shows up and next thing you know, Jack is arrested as the main suspect in a triple homicide—one of the victims happens to be a wealthy man who was held responsible for his wife's murder. Of course Jack has a motive but as the evidence against him grows, old fiancĂ© Olivia sees this opportunity as a way to make up for the past. She dives headfirst into an investigation and finding out who framed Jack.

"You're basically saying it sounds too much like a lie to be a lie. You need more than that kind of logic to vouch for a client." ~ pg. 37

The Ex lives up to the hype. It deserved to be featured in magazines and by public libraries. It was that good. It kept me guessing and thinking of multiple outcomes of the plot. Even though a couple parts were predictable, the flow of the story kept me turning the pages, bouncing between my NOOK and a hardcover edition because I carried and read it everywhere.

The Ex is for readers who like psychological suspense stories. It belongs on the shelf beside The Girl on the Train, Before I Go To Sleep and Gone Girl. What you think is going to happen just may, but read to see how.

Title: The Ex
Author: Alafair Burke
Published: January 2016
Pages: 252
Editions: eBook & Hardcover
Rating: ♥♥♥♥


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