October 31, 2017

Summer of the Cicadas

"They have yet to invent a test for invisible lumps." ~ pg. 35

After attempting a self-mastectomy, Viola Moon escapes south to a small historically black university. She is determined to leave her summer stay at a mental health institution in the past. But Viola finds herself alienated surrounded by southern elite classmates, kids from two-parent households, and a Greek system she doesn't understand. Uncomfortable and alone, Viola is forced to confront the past and heal in order to keep sane.

"Can you imagine the consistent strain of having to double think every move, every word, every thought." ~ pg. 70

Summer of the Cicadas was recommended by my Ace Boon Bookheart, Vern. She loved it but warned it is not a feel-good novel. Well said. By page 8, I was hit hard with emotions but prepared. I knew a story was about to unfold that would weigh heavy on my fictional heart.

TBQFH (to be quite fucking honest), I am not sure how to feel about this book now that I finished. I am thoroughly confused and unsure of what I just read. What was real, imagined, history or present-day? Is there a CliffsNotes version? Because this story most certainly went over my head. Can a bookheart help me out here?!

"You, peopleless girl, are a nigger." ~ pg. 94

Summer of the Cicadas reminds me of a school-assigned book in English class. The writing is on a deeper level. The main character struggled through life due to a mental illness. It is original but made me flinch at times; calling this novel "heavy" is an understatement. It can be very triggering. But like those good 'ole classics we had to read in school, you need a friend to discuss it with before writing that book report. Then years later, you realize it is very well written and the story sticks with you long after turning the last page.

So would I recommend reading Summer of the Cicadas? Yes! Read it. Digest it. Discuss it.

Title: Summer of the Cicadas 
Author: Cole Lavalais
Published: December 2016
Pages: 206
Edition: eBook
Rating: 🖤 🖤 🖤


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