October 25, 2017

US vs. UK

The UK is my hometown glory but I live in the US. The US vs. UK bookish meme compares book covers published in the two countries. We left off on a tie last time so let's break it! Enjoy the battle of the book covers below, bookhearts!

US (top) ~ UK (bottom)

  • Say Nothing ~ I would most certainly pick up a book with a hand pressed against a window versus plain red cover with white font. UK wins!
  • The Sunshine Sisters ~ Nothing says sunshine like the US cover. It features a sandy beach with the bluest of blue ocean. But the UK cover reminds me of a salmon dinner. US wins!
  • Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine ~ The US cover has a lady standing with her arms folded. It is the universal symbol of body language saying, "I am completely fine. Nothing is wrong with me." I like the UK cover with the stick figure house but not for this story. US wins!
  • Ginny Moon ~ When I think of the moon, I think of stars and astrology. Nothing about the US cover screams that. A ladder, really? But the UK cover looks so mystical. UK wins!
  • Dark Matter ~ I am torn on this one. This story is such a mind-fuck that it deserves a cover that will have you shake your head, rub eyes twice and question what you're looking at. It is a-maze-ing fiction. So which cover fits best? US wins! 

Total: US 39; UK 38

If the book covers pique your interest, click the title for my review (if available). In the meantime, which covers do you favor?


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