June 20, 2018

Let It Breathe

The Life of a Migraineur has taught me to maximize healthy time. However, it seems I overextended myself. EEK! I am enrolled in six (6) writing classes, working on a copyediting project and submitting book reviews. That is just the literary side of things! To keep my sanity, I leisure read for 30-60 minutes before bedtime. No wonder I've read over 50 books already this year. I can't function without my fiction! Add on studying for industry CE exams (yawnšŸ˜“šŸ’¤) and podcasting (yay☺️šŸŽ¤) and much-needed vacays (okurrr šŸ–šŸ’ƒšŸ½)!

I am never not working thanks to a forever hustler mood. But I am a bit overwhelmed at the moment so something's gotta go on airplane mode. Only so many hours left in a day after adulting and napping.

So for the next several months, I will not write here regularly. My usual five (5) posts per week are on pause. Do not go #apeshit. I encourage bookhearts to continue participating in First Lines Friday and Series Sunday memes. I am still accepting book review requests and copyediting inquiries. My blogmoir will continue to keep you updated on the most pressing of current events and fuckery. I can be reached/lurked on other social media platforms and available via email. And of course, I will be present in the literary community; I'm not totally falling off these internet streets. Smooches ♠️❤️

šŸŽµWe measure success by how many people successful next to youšŸŽµ


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