June 7, 2018

Lit Tidbits: Celebrity Book Clubs

Author: Anthony Ray Hinton
Published: March 2018
One-Liner Review: Keeping it light this summer; now isn't the time to read this and get angry.
DescriptionAnthony Ray Hinton was arrested and wrongfully charged of capital murder in 1985. He believed the truth would eventually set him free. But with our justice system, it takes a lot more to prove the innocence of a black man in the South. He spent years on death row before he won his release in 2015. This memoir tells his dramatic 30-year journey.

Author: Catherine Steadman
Published: June 2018
One-Liner Review: This is by far the stupidest main character I have ever read.
DescriptionA young couple embark on their dream honeymoon to Bora Bora. They discover a mysterious bag filled with riches. Their subsequent choices trigger a sequence of events that will change their lives and their marriage. This psycho-thriller is a tale of when paradise goes wrong.

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