October 16, 2018

Evidence of the Affair

"You are only for me. It is as if I have lived with a hard shell all over my body and you have cracked it and it has all fallen off. I am fresh again." ~ pg. 17

Imagine my delight when I noticed a new eShort on Kindle from bestselling author Taylor Jenkins Reid! After reading my review, go ahead and download this Amazon.com original story for less than $2!

Who ever discusses the nitty gritty repercussions of an affair? Oh because there are plenty! But often in stories we only read about how an illicit affair began and then how it ends, from the perspective of the cheating spouses. What about the other way around? Hmmm...

"Thank you for helping me hold my head a bit higher at a time in which it has every reason to hang low." ~ pg. 58

In Evidence of the Affair, a young woman writes a letter to a man she's never met. This one act changes both their lives. The correspondence between the two reveals the painful details of an affair between their spouses. They confess their feelings, insecurities and fears with every letter. Yet they remain "oblivious" of the affair when at home. Evidence of the Affair is told entirely through letters of these two comforting strangers and those of the illicit lovers.

Different spin, right? Yup!

Title: Evidence of the Affair
Author: Taylor Jenkins Reid
Published: September 2018
Pages: 89
Edition: eShort
Rating: 🖤 🖤 🖤 🖤


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