September 14, 2022

Blogmoir: VIRGO'S GROOVE❣️

I'm that girl who cannot stop listening to Beyoncé's seventh studio album. I should have known when she proclaimed 🎵all these songs sound good 'cause I'm on that ho🎵 Who starts off an album like this?!

No other album is played from beginning to end in clubs all around. DJs press play and let it ride for 1 hour, 2 minutes. Then be ready to spin the vinyl when you hear 🎵I'm in my bag, bag, bag, bag🎵

It makes me move. It makes me dance. It makes me social. It keeps me company. It's a groove. All the things I didn't know I needed. RENAISSANCE dropped when so many of us can relate to these lyrics.

I literally listen to nothing else. I only paused my listening twice. The first time was an attempt to hear other music so I played Calvin Harris' new album. That didn't last long before my fingers involuntarily pressed play and went back to 🎵please, muthafuckas ain't stopping me🎵 The second time I dared to play anything else was guilt-free because I kept it in the Carter household. A new song titled GOD DID was released with a Jay-Z guest verse—arguably his best but that's a whole 'nother blogmoir post. For four (4) whole minutes, HOV DID on a track. I love when he talks 👏🏾 super 👏🏾 facts 👏🏾

My favorite songs change daily. It depends on which lyrics I wake up to. Not from my alarm but from my head. NO OTHER ALBUM HAS THIS EFFECT on the Bey Hive or the general public. And this is just the beginning; two more acts are going to be released! 

At some point I have to let this album breathe and listen to other music. At least until visuals are out. But for now, I will continue playing the crack-laced RENAISSANCE in heavy rotation, celebrating Virgo season and randomly yelling "UNIQUE" in everyday conversation. 

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