October 1, 2011

News You Can Use about Borders - Part 6

Welp, this will probably be my last Borders update. By now, all of the stores have closed and liquidated its assets. I hope everyone took advantage of the super cheap book sales, fixtures and periodicals. It is so sad to see my fave bookstore close. So many memories there. Now all we have is Barnes & Noble.

Speaking of, I received an e-mail yesterday from William Lynch, the CEO of Barnes & Noble. It seems that B&N acquired some of Borders assets including Borders brand trademarks and their customer list. "Our intent in buying the Borders customer list is simply to try and earn your business," he writes.

Smart move on behalf of Barnes & Noble. Most of the B&N stores are in close proximity of the closed Borders stores. For those book lovers who still prefer physical books and the ambience of a bookstore, it is only natural to become a B&N frequent visitor. And for those that prefer eBooks, let me just say the NOOK is a wonderful product!

So long, Borders. Even though you are truly missed, bookhearts must go on.

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