October 18, 2011


Three women are facing a midlife crisis in this "no-holds-barred" book of sex, marriage, friendship and life. Holly has it all. She is a stay-at-home mom, married to a devoted husband and recently shed 60 pounds. Now that her confidence is back and she's nearing 40 years old, she wants more to life and engages in extramarital sex. Andrea is a celibate single mom looking for love. She stands by watching her best friend Holly throw away the life that Andrea dreams of having. So what if she picks up the husband that Holly neglected? Marissa is married with a terminally ill daughter, a gay teenage son, and a workaholic husband. The weight of the world is on her struggling shoulders alone.

Ellen Hopkins is a YA writer so I wasn't familiar with her work before receiving an advance reading copy from the publisher. Triangles is her first adult drama and I'm sure glad she gave it a try! It is phenomenal. It is unique. It is the type of novel that you get lost in, forgetting about the real world while reading the inner lives of characters. And even though it is well over 500 pages, it didn't take long to finish reading because I couldn't put it down. Another very unique point is the lack of continuous dialogue. It is written entirely of poem verses. Yes, prose! The lines do not rhyme, but there is definitely a rhythm that I rode while turning page after page. And I'm not even a fan of poetry!

I was so impressed with the plot and style of Triangles that I tweeted the author and asked if more adult dramas were on the way. Ellen Hopkins immediately replied that she just started the 2012 adult verse novel, Collateral. (Also notice all of her book titles are one word. Simple and direct.) I'm looking forward to more from this author, whose first adult book made my Top 11 List of 2011 (to be posted next month). 

You seriously have to read this book. I recommend it to book clubs, lovers and literature fans. Check out the video below of author Ellen Hopkins discussing her first adult novel, Triangles.

Disclaimer: This book is NOT for young adults due to erotic scenes and language.

Disclaimer: This book was received from the publisher for review purposes only. In no way does it influence my review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Title: Triangles
Author: Ellen Hopkins
Published: October 2011
Pages: 544
Edition: ARC
Rating: ♥

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