November 19, 2013

Guest Post: Christin Nix

Welcome to Literary Marie's Precision Reviews. Today we have a special guest reviewer, Christin Nix.

“A person who cannot forgive has forgotten how great a debt God has forgiven them.” – Pg. 120

As an avid reader of books that inspire change, growth, and self-reflection, I have never come across a book as life changing as The Bait of Satan.

The summer of 2006 was an especially difficult time for me. I was very uncertain and frustrated about the direction of my life - personally and professionally. Honestly, I was mad as hell at the world and everybody in it! Everywhere I turned, somebody was doing something to offend me. Collecting and storing away hurt was taking over my life. It was an uphill battle to get over the slightest offense. Reliving the anger of the person who cut me off in traffic – which happens often – was keeping me up at night. I would recall past arguments and become dismally overwhelmed with the negative emotions I experienced during the disagreement.

At a point of no return spiritually and emotionally, I quickly raised my hand during Sunday school when the minister offered The Bait of Satan as a gift.

Have you ever read a book that forced you to analyze your character? In the first few pages, The Bait of Satan had me searching my heart and questioning my biblical knowledge like never before. John Bevere does an in-depth character analysis of how the root of bitterness can grow into the ugly weed called unforgiveness – creating an abundant crop of anger and unhappiness.

He personally accounts unforgiveness, provides testimonials, and references biblical passages about how harboring offense and bitterness can gnaw at the very core of you, harden your heart, and block forgiveness from God for your sins. The book made me ashamed that I had the audacity to harbor unforgiveness towards people when God forgives me daily.

I always prided myself on forgiving people. However, the debris of past hurt was scattered all over my heart – and my life. The very things I thought I was free of were hiding and projecting themselves in every aspect of my life. The Bait of Satan helped me realize why I was so angry with everybody and everything.

This book helped me identify offenses that had set up shop in my heart and planted a seed of audacity to feel that it was okay to forgive – but not forget. I quickly realized that to be free from the hurt and the pain, I had to forgive and rely on my faith and God’s word to forget. Forgiving is easier for me today than it was seven years ago. I no longer rehearse past hurts as much as I used to. Liberated and empowered, my personal relationship with God strengthened after reading Bevere’s book. My outlook on life changed for the better. I revisit this devotional read sometimes when the thoughts of offense try to creep in or I’m having a hard time letting go of something.

Used as a supplemental study guide for ministries worldwide since its 2004 debut and reviewed thousands of times on websites such as Goodreads and Amazon, The Bait of Satan continues to spark conversation and transform people’s way of thinking – and forgiving. I highly recommend this book to anybody who is in search of freedom from offense and bitterness.

About Christin Nix:
Christin is a freelance writer living in Tennessee. Creating awareness and sharing thought-provoking points of view on life, fashion, products and community is the main objective of her writing. Christin currently reviews restaurants in the greater Nashville area for her monthly column, Flavor of the Month for The New American Times – the first in multicultural news. She holds a BS in Mass Communications from Middle Tennessee State University. Christin may be reached via email.

Title: The Bait of Satan: Living Free from the Deadly Trap of Offense
Author: John Bevere
Published: May 2004
Pages: 255
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


  1. This novel is going on my READING List.

    1. Hey Sidne! Glad you like the review and adding this book to your reading list. Let me know your thoughts when done reading it.