November 12, 2013

The First Phone Call from Heaven

"You have to start over. That's what they say. But life is not a board game, and losing a loved one is never really 'starting over.' More like 'continuing without.'" ~ pg. 19

As children we are taught we might go to heaven. But this fiction book shows heaven might come to us. A few residents of Coldwater, Michigan, are receiving calls every Friday from dead people. Presumably dead people that have gone on to heaven. Most of the callers have been deceased for years. Some believe it is a miracle; others are not so convinced.

The small town of Coldwater has been turned upside down with increased visitors, news media and traffic. Are the recipients of the calls from heaven "chosen" people? The idea seems ludicrous but the story itself drew me in. I was eager to keep reading and see if more characters received calls from heaven and to see how the story ended. Surely there must be an explanation and a damn good ending to the mystery, whether it was a miracle or a hoax.

Mitch Albom's new novel is like a story you've never read before. There are tidbits about Alexander Graham Bell's invention of the telephone that tie into the fictional story. Whatever your belief, readers will like The First Phone Call from Heaven.

"The end is not the end." ~ pg. 86

The First Phone Call from Heaven released today. Add it to your wish lists or order today. It is worth it! Then ask yourself, would you mind getting a phone call from heaven?

DISCLAIMER: This book was received from the publisher for review purposes only. In no way does it influence my review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Title: The First Phone Call from Heaven
Author: Mitch Albom
Published: November 2013
Pages: 209
Edition: Galley
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


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