March 19, 2014


"His brand of sex comes with a warning label." ~ pg. 35

What a perfect title to a love story gone wrong. Raw begins with a six-year-old girl saving a hurt eight-year-old boy. They exchange names and go separate ways. Twenty years later, they meet again except Lexi does not realize Twitch is the boy she once saved. Lexi only sees him as he is now: her stalker.

I was emotionally involved in the characters of Raw. I really cared about their lives and the outcome of their unconventional love. How is it possible to fall in love with your stalker? Only a moron, right? And this, along with a few other twists, made it interesting to see unfold. It is very well written and I was pleasantly surprised to learn the author is only in her mid-twenties. This standalone novel is evidence that readers make the best writers. So per the author's message at the end of the book, I am proud to write and share my review of Raw. I hope you follow my recommendation (and the other 10,000+ positive reviews).

Note to Author: Hey, Belle! (We are on a first-name basis in my head.) You are definitely on my radar now. I will read whatever you release next. Thank you for stepping outside of the romance box and writing a novel that earned a spot in my best books of the year.

Title: Raw
Author: Belle Aurora
Published: January 2014
Pages: 252
Edition: eBook
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥


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