December 9, 2014

Big Little Lies

Entertainment Weekly calls Big Little Lies "a surefire hit." It is a New York Times bestseller. It was recommended in a few magazines. So I was happy to vote for it as a Chick Lit Book Club selection. A couple group members read it before me and there were mixed reviews. But of course, I had to read it for myself.

A murder. Arguing moms. Bully kids. School scandal.

Big Little Lies was a big waste of time. The nearly 500-page novel was like a literary form of Desperate Housewives meets 90210. It was a drag to read and I fought the urge to skip to the end. Bookhearts know I love a good mystery but it is best when unpredictable clues are revealed at a steady pace. I like mysteries that keep me frantically turning the pages, on the edge of my reading chair. Big Little Lies barely engaged me. This is the second book I read by author Liane Moriarty; I've come to the conclusion that her writing just isn't for me.

Title: Big Little Lies
Author: Liane Moriarty
Published: July 2014
Pages: 460
Edition: Hardcover
Rating: ♥♥


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